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Small label & DIY Punk/New Wave/Mod/Industrial/Power Pop etc**:

** and even more including Shoegaze, 90s and many more

Watch this space for updates soon {December 2018)

Rare 60s Soul-R n B/Jazz/Blues/Hip-Hop/Dance and more coming January 2019


Agony Column-A K Process-Art Attacks-Artery-Base 3-Bleach Boys-Cigarettes-Circles-John Cooper Clarke-Colours Out Of Time-Cobra-Comsat Angels-Cult Maniax-Dark-Demon Preacher-Demob-Denizens-Desperate Bicycles-Deutsch Amerikanisch Freundschaft--Direct Hits-Dole-Dorothy-Drones-Dyaks-Exile-Exploding Seagulls-Eyes-Fatal Charm-Fatal Microbes-Firing Squad-Flowers-Flowers of Evil-Freeze-From Chorley-Gang of Four-Gerry and the Holograms-Glaxo Babies-Gobblinz-Gorillas-Tim Green-Hammersmith Gorillas-Headache-Homosexuals-Horror Comic-Idols-Invogue-Jerks-Killermeters-Klingons-Thomas Leer-Lemon Kittens-Lepers-Manicured Jabs-Martin & the Brownshirts-Mekons-Menace-Metabolist-Midnite Cruiser-Modern English-Monte Cazzaza-Morris & the Minors-Moving Targets-Mutants-Naafi Sandwich-Newtown Neurotics-Noh Mercy-Nosebleeds-Not Sensibles-Only Ones-100% Proof-Oscillators-Outcasts-Outsiders-Pencils-Plasmatics-Prag Vec-Prats-Private Dicks-Puncture-Pure Hell-PVC 2-Rainy Day Women-Raped-Robert Rental-Riff Raff-Rowdies-Running Dogs-Rudi-Rudimentary Peni-Scars-The Scene (1)-The Scene (2)-Science-7 Year Itch-Skrewdriver-Soft Boys-Speedometers-Spoilsports-Squire-Stiff Little Fingers-Stormtrooper-Stupid Babies-Suburban Studs-Subway Sect-Surprises-Survivor-Teardrop Explodes-They Must Be Russians-Those Intrinsic Intellectuals-Tours-Throbbing Gristle-The Thrust—Johnny Thunder-Tubeless Hearts-The Turn-Undertones-Unwanted-Users-Valves-Vice Creems-Victim-Visitors-V 2-Wasps-Elisabeth Welch-White Heat-Wimps

and these labels:

A 1-Absurd-Adolescent-Albatross-Armageddon-Base-Bent-Big-Bonaparte-Braik-Cargo-Charly-City-Company-Company/Oblique-Company/Regular-Da Da-Dead Dog-Dead Good-Deep Cuts-Dojo-Drome-Dromm-Egg-Fabulous-Fast-Graduate-Elephant Rock-Fault Line-4 Play-Fresh-Geezer-Golden Sphinx-Good Vibrations-Graphic Design-Heartbeat-Hole in the Wall-Illegal-Illuminated-Industrial-Inferno-IT-Junta-Kang-Lightning-Limited Edition-Limp--Lout-Marching Men Music-Mascot-Monogram-Monsters in Orbit-New Rose-Next-No Wonder-Oblique=-OHM…S-Ork-Outer Himalayan-Overground-Parole-Pinnacle-Plastic Fantastic-Pogo-Pop Aural-Posh-Psycho-Rabid-Raw-Raw Edge-Real-Redball-Refill-Rigid Digits-Rip Off-Round-Round Ear-Rox-Science-Shattered-Smile-Snotty Snail-Small Wonder-Sniff-Solent-Southern Songs-Spec-Stage One-Step Forward-Street Life-Teenage Depression-TJM-Tramp-Tyger-Ultimate-Underground-Valium-Vengeance-Vice Squad-Waldo’s-Warren-Whaam-Zig Zag-Zoo-Zoom

Recent new listings include:

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Substantial new listings and re-stocks for the PICTURE DISC format

FULL picture disc list (3,300+ items)

Folk    Led Zeppelin (& all related)  Beatles, Solo & related (including sessions/productions/covers/Apple label etc)

Deep Purple-Rainbow-Whitesnake-Ian Gillan-Jon Lord-Roger Glover & all related DP product

New stock listings are constantly being prepared & placed on the site

Vinyl items include Test Pressings - Autographs** - Limited editions - Coloured vinyl - Rare pressings

(click on bold type for listings for any format)  ** only includes actual autographs NOT machine stamped/etched etc

ATTENTION - NEW LISTINGS (Vinyl and Memorabilia)

for Prince (click on name below)

PRINCE (picture discs, vinyl & memorabilia now live)

Other new listings now live on site:

1. Heavy Metal-Hard Rock-Thrash-Death Metal etc

Groups/Artistes featured include:

Put any name into the search bar-top right

Amebix - Annihilator - Anthrax - Atheist - Atom Kraft - Axegrinder - Banished - Baphomet - Belfegore -  Biohazard - Blackwych - Cancer - Candlemass - Cobra - Corrosion of Conformity - Danzig - Deicide - Devastation - Devoid - Doom - Dorsal Atlantica - D.R.I. - Entombed - Evoke - Excalibur - Executer - Exodus - Flames - Flashpoint - Forbidden - The Gathering - Helmet - Hexx - Juntess - King Diamond - Kreator - Laaz Rocket - Live - Mephisto - Morbid Angel - Morta Skuld - My Dying Bride - Napalm Death - Nasty Savage - Nightmare - Nocturnus - Obituary - Onslaught - Pantera - Paradise Lost - Pentagram - Pestilence - Phobia - Pitch Shifter - Porno for Pyros - Primus - Prong - Prophecy of Doom - Pyogenesis - Repulsion - Rocket from the Crypt - Sacred Reich - Sacrilege - Savage - Sepultura - Slayer - Sodom - Sorcery - Suicidal Tendencies - Tigertailz - Toranaga - Unseen Terror - Upper Echelon - Violence - Vital Remains - Voivod - War Machine - Wild Strawberries & many others

2. Mainstream Heavy Metal-Hard Rock

Heavy type now live on site click on name if underlined

AC~DC - Black Crowes - Black Sabbath - Bon Jovi - Cinderella - Deep Purple (and all related) - Def Leppard - Dio - Faith No More - Heart - Iron Maiden - Judas Priest -Kiss & solo - Marillion - Meatloaf - Megadeth - Metallica - Gary Moore - Motley Crue - Motorhead - Pearl Jam - Poison - Rush - Michael Schenker Group - Scorpions - Soundgarden - Twisted Sister - Van Halen - Z Z Top & others

3. New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Put any name into the search bar-top right

After Dark / Angel Witch / Bitch / The Blitz / Dedringer / Demon / Diamond Head / E.S.P. / Ethel the Frog / Gaskin / Girl / Handsome Beasts / Jaguar / Last Flight / Mythra / Nightwing / Panza Division / Praying Mantis / Quartz / Raven / Raw Deal / Saracen / Satanic Rites / Savage / Shogun / Silverwing / Sledgehammer / Soldier / Spider / Stampede / Trespass / Turbo / Twisted Ace / Tysondog / Tytan / Vardis / Venom / Warfare / Wildfire / Witchfinder General / Witchfynde and others

Coming soon (commencing early September):

Punk-New Wave-Alternative-Goth-Industrial-Mod-Electronic-Post Punk-Power Pop-Indie**



For current listings click on the genre: punk  new wave  Goth

Vinyl items include Test Pressings - Autographs - Limited editions - Coloured vinyl - Rare pressings

and also Memorabilia

**1st listings (coming soon) : Bauhaus / Birthday Party - Nick Cave / Buzzcocks & related / The Chameleons / Clash & related / The Cramps / The Cult / The Cure & related / Damned & related  / Depeche Mode / Echo & the Bunnymen / Goth (Sisters of Mercy / The Mission / Dead or Alive / March Violets / Skeletal Family / Ghost Dance etc)  The Jam - Paul Weller - Style Council / Killing Joke / Ramones / Sex Pistols & related / Siouxsie & the Banshees / The Skids / The Smiths - Morrissey & related / Talking Heads / The The / X-Ray Spex

For current listings of any shown in bold above click on name and put name into search tab at top of page-more will be added soon.

**2nd listings: ('76-early 80s) - small labels and one-offs:  Punk / New Wave / Alternative


** If you would like an alert when these items are live on site please use the contact form and state which lists you would like an alert for

More lists due later this year

Very large quantity of original

50s/60s 7"/LPs   &   60s/70s 7"/LPs**

Vocal - old and new - a substantial list including many rare original 50s and 60s LPs**

Also later this year: Jazz - Rhythm & Blues and Blues - Soul - old and new - Hip Hop - many rare 12" and LPs - Dance and Disco - Reggae - Elvis and Cliff

** If you would like an alert when any lists are live on site please use the contact form and state which lists you would like an alert for

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