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To search: either put first or last name of Artist (e.g. Cliff or Richard, Paul or McCartney) or part of a song title, or year or similar)

Where a name of a group or singer occurs regularly in other ways (example Love, Kiss, Prince etc) try either putting a known title of a song by that artiste or certain recurring words such as Love, Kiss, Prince can be tried as Love (group) or Kiss (group) or Prince (singer). These artistes have been modified in our search system to eliminate the many extraneous items particularly 'Love' or 'Kiss'.

If you find that a similar artiste throws up too many extra non related items then please inform us and we will try to adapt the search for that artiste accordingly.

Alternatively if you are looking for a specific label (e.g. Tamla, 2 Tone, Stiff, Blue Beat etc etc) click on ‘Labels’

Or type of pressing (Format-e.g. Picture discs, Test Pressings, Acetates, Memorabilia etc etc)

Or Genre (e.g. Reggae, Folk, Dance, Soundtracks, Punk, Heavy Metal etc etc)

Or by Year (e.g. 1965, 1968, 1990 etc etc)

Ordering and Accounts


if you already have an account and wish to order simply log in (click ‘Your account’) then proceed or make your order and then log in.

If you wish to open an account then click on the ‘Register an account’ link (when this is available-presently being re-formatted)


You can open an account once you have made an order-see below.


Click  ‘Add to basket’ any items you wish to buy and when you have completed your search-click ‘Checkout’ (top right of page) and follow instructions.

If you have an account then log in if not already logged in select your shipping address and submit

If you do not have an account then please complete the simple registration form and then submit/confirm.

You will receive an email asking you to ‘activate your account’-open this and click the link confirming your email address.

If you do not do this your order may be delayed processing.

If you have not received the ‘Activate..’ email please check your spam/junk folder.

If there is still no sign of it then contact us immediately.

This is NOT an automated system so please wait for your invoice which will normally offer you a CHOICE of postage options and payment options.

Please note that if we have not heard from you within 24 hours of your order then your entry will be deleted.

There is a card option which can be used via the 'currency transfer online' - select this from the payment drop down (last option).

You may be able to use your card to pay by bank transfer-you need to contact your bank about this.

There is an automatic 5% discount for all payment options EXCEPT PAYPAL


Payment options

There are many payment options available.

However, at present, direct payment by card (debit or credit) is NOT available EXCEPT by Foreign currency online transfer (option 6)-this method enables a 5% discount off the goods total.

We are still looking at best options.You may be able to use your card via your paypal account-you will need to enquire with PayPal-no discount is available via PayPal.

  • Paypal-Goods totalling £25 or more will require a signed for service
  • (A PayPal invoice can be issued in GBP £s, Euro** or US $**-you can request this)
  • ** payments made in non UK currency will have a small margin allowed for currency fluctuations
  • UK drawn Cheque or Postal Order in UK GBP £s
  • Bank payment: 1. Online transfer (overseas transfers-you must pay all fees-you should check with your bank about fees you may have to pay)
  • Bank payment: 2. Over the counter payment into our account at a UK Lloyds branch
  • International Money Order or Bank draft drawn on a UK bank in GBP (£'s)
  • Cash (your own currency may be acceptable but only by prior arrangement and an agreed amount).
  • Currency online transfer (very useful if you don't have a PayPal account or would like a 5% discount)-available to non UK buyers only.

Once you have selected your postage and payment options the payment page with the required details will show in your account.

If you are unsure about which payment option to use please contact us.

5% discount for set sale items are available for non paypal payments.

Postage matters



We try to keep shipping costs to a minimum without compromising the integrity of the package. Items with extras such as poster, heavyweight card construction etc may be in next weight band

A small packaging charge is included.

Discs are separated from their outer covers and inner sleeve and a neutral inner sleeve is used.

Bubblewrap is used as extra protection.

The object of the exercise is to get your goods safely to you at a reasonable cost.

Extra packaging, or special packaging arrangements outside of our normal standard must be notified before invoicing however adjustments can be made to the invoice BEFORE it is paid.

Any special customs requirements should be advised as soon as possible.


As items do vary in weight the tables below are a guide. Individual items are priced as shown in listing but multiple item orders will be weighed first and then invoiced. If you wish a quote before you buy then ask.


(Courier service may be used for higher value orders subject to suitable quote)

NEW RATES FROM APRIL 2017 some unchanged others slight increase

Maximum compensation is £20 for untracked/unsigned for


LARGE LETTER (for 1 x 7” record only)-based on thickness of package only-not weight

2-4 internal stiffeners are used + card envelope mailer or cruciform

1st - £1.65

2nd - £1.55

NO CHANGE since 2013  (we are absorbing increases in postage and packaging costs for the time being)

SMALL PARCELS   UK for 2 or more 7” and all other sizes up to 12”

(up to max size):450 x 350 x 80  millimetres

(outside of this size subject to quote)

Normally 4-6 internal stiffeners are used for 12”/LP/10” and Shaped discs

Either cruciform or mailing envelope is used

6-8 internal stiffeners are normally used for 7” discs + card cruciform mailer

1KG   -  1st  3.85     2nd  3.35  (usually up to 3 x LP)

2KG   -  1st  6.00      2nd  3.35  (usually up to 6 or 7)

Rates for 2kg (2nd) are LOWER than last year

Maximum compensation for above is £20

ALL ORDERS over £25 require a signed for service if you use PayPal** but other payment methods are available-ask.

** Although we recommend a signed for service it is not required if you use a NON PayPal payment method as shown in the Payments section

However compensation for a lost or damaged package is limited to £20 only from Royal Mail.


NO CHANGE from 2013

Max compensation for above extra service is £50


100G   £ 6.95  applies to very light items only

500G   £7.65 (7” - up to 5) or £7.95 (other sizes)

1KG     £9.05

2KG     £11.50 NO CHANGE from 2013


5 KG     £18.00    EXPRESS 24

10 KG   £21.50    EXPRESS 24

15 KG   £28.25    EXPRESS 24

Max compensation for above is £500 (up to £2,500 is available for a smallish premium)


SMALL PARCELS   (up to 60cm)

Outside of this size subject to quote

The standard uninsured rates have stayed the same or slightly increased but the signed/tracked rates have mainly slightly decreased



Some £50 & £250 rates  are reduced (from 2016)

                         Compensation (max)

                    £20           £50         £250

250 G       £4.45 /      £9.10 /       £11.60   

500 G       £6.30 /      £10.75 /     £13.25 

750 G       £7.70 /      £11.90 /    £14.40   

1KG          £9.15 /      £13.30 /     £15.80  

1.25KG     £11.35 /   £14.35 /     £16.85

1.5KG       £11.65 /   £15.25 /     £17.85  

1.75KG     £12.90 /   £16.25 /     £18.90

2 KG          £14.00 /   £17.50 /     £20.00

Weight band will be determined by the ACTUAL weight of the items and packaging

The standard uninsured rates have stayed the same or slightly increased but the signed/tracked rates have mainly slightly decreased

  ZONE 1 (USA/Canada/S & C America/Japan/China and similar-if not sure ask)

        Most £50 & £250 rates are reduced (from 2016)

                      Compensation (max)

                   £20             £50           £250

250 G       £5.50 /     £10.15          £12.65  

500 G       £8.55 /     £13.05 /       £15.55  

750 G       £11.20 /   £15.40 /       £17.90

1KG          £13.85 /   £18.00 /       £20.50

1.25KG    £15.40 /   £19.35 /       £21.85

1.5KG      £17.10 /    £20.65 /      £23.15

1.75KG    £18.75 /    £21.95 /      £24.45

2 KG         £20.25 /    £23.20/      £25.70

Weight band will be determined by the ACTUAL weight of the items and packaging

The standard uninsured rates have stayed the same or slightly increased but the signed/tracked rates have mainly slightly decreased

    ZONE 2 (mainly Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Zone and similar-if unsure-ask)

£50 & £250 rates are the same or marginally higher or lower (from 2016)

                       Compensation (max)

                    £20          £50          £250

250 G      £5.95 /      £10.40 /     £12.90   This weight band will cover 1 or 2 normal 7"

500 G      £9.20 /      £13.50 /     £16.00   This weight band will cover 1 x 12"/LP with normal cover

750 G      £11.90 /    £16.10 /     £18.60   This weight band will cover up to 2 x 12"/LP with normal cover

1KG         £14.60 /    £18.85 /     £22.35   This weight band will cover up to 3 x 12"/LP with normal cover

1.25KG   £16.60 /    £20.45 /     £22.95   This weight band will cover up to 4 x 12"/LP with normal cover

1.5KG      £18.50 /    £22.05 /     £24.55   This weight band will cover up to 5 x 12"/LP with normal cover

1.75KG   £20.35 /     £23.60 /     £26.10   This weight band will cover up to 6 x 12"/LP with normal cover

2 KG        £23.25 /     £25.10 /     £27.60   This weight band will cover up to 7 x 12"/LP with normal cover

Weight band will be determined by the ACTUAL weight of the items and packaging

£50   &   £250 columns - these are tracked and signed for services and are required for orders over £25 if using paypal**

Compensation from the Royal Mail is restricted to #20 for unsigned for/untracked services

** other methods of payment are available-ask


Items for offers

When new stock is listed the default setting is ‘Current best offer’. Normally when the item is completed a set sale price is then assigned.

Occasionally we will place an item for best offer.

If you wish to make an offer then simply contact us with your offer and NAME and ADDRESS and email address.

You will be advised if your offer has been logged and further advised if someone has made a higher offer.

A closing date will be notified as soon as possible.