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Small label & DIY Punk/New Wave/Mod/Industrial/Power Pop/Shoegaze/90s

and many more including:

Put any name from below into the search bar-top right of this page

1st Offence/400 Blows/999/a.c.marias/Adverts/Afghan Whigs/Alice’s Orb/Alternative/Amebix/And The Native Hipsters/Another Sunny Day/Anti-System/Antisocial/Ash/Babes in Toyland/Bachdenkel/Beatnik Filmstars/Bevis Frond/Blitz/Blood & Roses/Born BC/Breathless/Cake/Cardiacs/Cardigans/Chameleons/Chaos UK/Chapterhouse/Charlatans/Chart/Chills/Combat 84/Condemned 84/Elvis Costello/Cramps/Cranberries/Crash/Crass/Cravats/Creepers/Criminal Justice/Crucifix/Crybabys/DNA/Dead Boys/Dead Kennedys/Denim/DepecheMode/Descendents/Destructors/Dwarves/ESG/Effigies/Elastica/English Dogs/Epileptics/Erasure/Excel/Exhibit B/Exit Stance/Eyeless in Gaza/Felt/Field Mice/Foetus Under Glass/Frente!/Gangsters/Garbo/Gas/Gera Daddies/Gerogerigegege/Girls At Our Best/God Machine/Golden Dawn/Gories/Graduates/Guests/Guitar Gangsters/Hammerhead/Beaumont Hannant/Harvest Ministers/Jowe Head/Heads/Hoax/Hole/Huggy Bear/Hum/Icon AD/Instigators/Jesus & Mary Chain/Joy Division/Kaaos/Kent/Kidz Next Door/Killing Joke/Korn/Lag Wagon/Laibach/Liaisons Dangereuse/Long Tall Shorty/Lost Cheeries/Lungfish/Lush/Major Accident/Manic Street Preachers/Mass/Mau Maus/Meat Beat Manifesto/Minor Classics/Mission/Mob/Moonshake/Morphine/My Bloody Valentine/Naked Lunch/Nine Inch Nails/Nips/Nirvana/NOFX/Nomeansno/Nuclear Socketts/Oasis/Offspring/Omega Tribe/Only Ones/Oppressed/Orb/Orchestral manoeuvres/Pale Saints/Partisans/Past Seven Days/Pennywise/Pet Shop Boys/Physicals/Plastic Surgery/Pretenders/Primal Scream/Prime Movers/Propaghandi/Protex/Psyched Up Janis/Psyclone Rangers/Pulp/Quel Dommage/Radio Birdman/Red Harvest/Reegs/Replacements/Revolving Paint Dream/Ride/Satan’s Rats/Satellites/Nitin Sawhney/Screaming Dead/Second Layer/Self Control/Sensible Shoes/Shelter/Shit Lickers/Shop Assistants/Sisters Of Mercy/Slowdive/Sloy/Patti Smith/Smiths/Sneaker Pimps/Social Distortion/Soft Cell/Sonic Youth/Sore Throat/Space/Spaceman 3/Stockholm Monsters/Subhumans/Suede/Supermatix/Supersuckers/Suspiria/Swell Maps/System/T-Boys/TAGC/Talking Heads/Tears For Fears/Teenage Fanclub/Television Personalities/The The/Them Philistines/Therapy?/Throbbing Gristles/Tindersticks/Total Chaos/Toxik Ephex/Tragically Hip/Trash Can Sinatras/Tubeway Army-Numan/Tunnelvision/Turquoise Days/Twisted Nerve/U 2/Undertones/Universal Indicator/Pultti EP/Vast/Vellum Stairs/Verlaines/Vibes/Vice Squad/Violators/Vital Disorders/Wake/Wanderers/Wedding Present/Weezer/Wire/Wylde Mammoths/X Ray Spex/You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath/Young Marble Giants/zoviet france

Rare 50s & 60s R n B/Jazz/Blues and more coming February 2019

Some labels include:

Esquire / Vogue (UK) / Blue Note / Riverside / HMV / Stateside / CBS / Verve and many more

Artistes include:

Miles Davis / John Coltrane / Coleman Hawkins / Sonny Rollins / Gerry Mulligan / Cannonball Adderley / John Lee Hooker / Muddy Waters / Sonny Boy Williamson and many more

watch this space

Rare Vocal LPs - 50s & 60s including rare STEREO pressings in exceptional condition coming after above

Followed by Rock n Roll, Beat Groups, general 50s & 60s 7", EPs & LP

A special listing of Elvis Presley & Cliff Richard (& Shadows) will appear as soon as possible afterwards

Pink Floyd new listings now available (click on name)

Previous Punk & New Wave listings include those shown below

Agony Column-A K Process-Art Attacks-Artery-Base 3-Bleach Boys-Cigarettes-Circles-John Cooper Clarke-Colours Out Of Time-Cobra-Comsat Angels-Cult Maniax-Dark-Demon Preacher-Demob-Denizens-Desperate Bicycles-Deutsch Amerikanisch Freundschaft--Direct Hits-Dole-Dorothy-Drones-Dyaks-Exile-Exploding Seagulls-Eyes-Fatal Charm-Fatal Microbes-Firing Squad-Flowers-Flowers of Evil-Freeze-From Chorley-Gang of Four-Gerry and the Holograms-Glaxo Babies-Gobblinz-Gorillas-Tim Green-Hammersmith Gorillas-Headache-Homosexuals-Horror Comic-Idols-Invogue-Jerks-Killermeters-Klingons-Thomas Leer-Lemon Kittens-Lepers-Manicured Jabs-Martin & the Brownshirts-Mekons-Menace-Metabolist-Midnite Cruiser-Modern English-Monte Cazzaza-Morris & the Minors-Moving Targets-Mutants-Naafi Sandwich-Newtown Neurotics-Noh Mercy-Nosebleeds-Not Sensibles-Only Ones-100% Proof-Oscillators-Outcasts-Outsiders-Pencils-Plasmatics-Prag Vec-Prats-Private Dicks-Puncture-Pure Hell-PVC 2-Rainy Day Women-Raped-Robert Rental-Riff Raff-Rowdies-Running Dogs-Rudi-Rudimentary Peni-Scars-The Scene (1)-The Scene (2)-Science-7 Year Itch-Skrewdriver-Soft Boys-Speedometers-Spoilsports-Squire-Stiff Little Fingers-Stormtrooper-Stupid Babies-Suburban Studs-Subway Sect-Surprises-Survivor-Teardrop Explodes-They Must Be Russians-Those Intrinsic Intellectuals-Tours-Throbbing Gristle-The Thrust—Johnny Thunder-Tubeless Hearts-The Turn-Undertones-Unwanted-Users-Valves-Vice Creems-Victim-Visitors-V 2-Wasps-Elisabeth Welch-White Heat-Wimps

and these labels:

A 1-Absurd-Adolescent-Albatross-Armageddon-Base-Bent-Big-Bonaparte-Braik-Cargo-Charly-City-Company-Company/Oblique-Company/Regular-Da Da-Dead Dog-Dead Good-Deep Cuts-Dojo-Drome-Dromm-Egg-Fabulous-Fast-Graduate-Elephant Rock-Fault Line-4 Play-Fresh-Geezer-Golden Sphinx-Good Vibrations-Graphic Design-Heartbeat-Hole in the Wall-Illegal-Illuminated-Industrial-Inferno-IT-Junta-Kang-Lightning-Limited Edition-Limp--Lout-Marching Men Music-Mascot-Monogram-Monsters in Orbit-New Rose-Next-No Wonder-Oblique=-OHM…S-Ork-Outer Himalayan-Overground-Parole-Pinnacle-Plastic Fantastic-Pogo-Pop Aural-Posh-Psycho-Rabid-Raw-Raw Edge-Real-Redball-Refill-Rigid Digits-Rip Off-Round-Round Ear-Rox-Science-Shattered-Smile-Snotty Snail-Small Wonder-Sniff-Solent-Southern Songs-Spec-Stage One-Step Forward-Street Life-Teenage Depression-TJM-Tramp-Tyger-Ultimate-Underground-Valium-Vengeance-Vice Squad-Waldo’s-Warren-Whaam-Zig Zag-Zoo-Zoom

Recent new listings include:

PICTURE DISC format   FULL picture disc list (3,300+ items)

click on name of list to reveal

Vinyl items include Test Pressings - Autographs** - Limited editions - Coloured vinyl - Rare pressings

(click on bold type for listings for any format)  ** only includes actual autographs NOT machine stamped/etched etc

Other new listings now live on site:

1. Heavy Metal-Hard Rock-Thrash-Death Metal etc

Groups/Artistes featured include: (Put any name into the search bar-top right)

Amebix - Annihilator - Anthrax - Atheist - Atom Kraft - Axegrinder - Banished - Baphomet - Belfegore -  Biohazard - Blackwych - Cancer - Candlemass - Cobra - Corrosion of Conformity - Danzig - Deicide - Devastation - Devoid - Doom - Dorsal Atlantica - D.R.I. - Entombed - Evoke - Excalibur - Executer - Exodus - Flames - Flashpoint - Forbidden - The Gathering - Helmet - Hexx - Juntess - King Diamond - Kreator - Laaz Rocket - Live - Mephisto - Morbid Angel - Morta Skuld - My Dying Bride - Napalm Death - Nasty Savage - Nightmare - Nocturnus - Obituary - Onslaught - Pantera - Paradise Lost - Pentagram - Pestilence - Phobia - Pitch Shifter - Porno for Pyros - Primus - Prong - Prophecy of Doom - Pyogenesis - Repulsion - Rocket from the Crypt - Sacred Reich - Sacrilege - Savage - Sepultura - Slayer - Sodom - Sorcery - Suicidal Tendencies - Tigertailz - Toranaga - Unseen Terror - Upper Echelon - Violence - Vital Remains - Voivod - War Machine - Wild Strawberries & many others

2. Mainstream Heavy Metal-Hard Rock

Heavy type now live on site click on name if underlined

AC~DC - Black Crowes - Black Sabbath - Bon Jovi - Cinderella - Deep Purple (and all related) - Def Leppard - Dio - Faith No More - Heart - Iron Maiden - Judas Priest -Kiss & solo - Marillion - Meatloaf - Megadeth - Metallica - Gary Moore - Motley Crue - Motorhead - Pearl Jam - Poison - Rush - Michael Schenker Group - Scorpions - Soundgarden - Twisted Sister - Van Halen - Z Z Top & others

3. New Wave of British Heavy Metal (Put any name into the search bar-top right)

After Dark / Angel Witch / Bitch / The Blitz / Dedringer / Demon / Diamond Head / E.S.P. / Ethel the Frog / Gaskin / Girl / Handsome Beasts / Jaguar / Last Flight / Mythra / Nightwing / Panza Division / Praying Mantis / Quartz / Raven / Raw Deal / Saracen / Satanic Rites / Savage / Shogun / Silverwing / Sledgehammer / Soldier / Spider / Stampede / Trespass / Turbo / Twisted Ace / Tysondog / Tytan / Vardis / Venom / Warfare / Wildfire / Witchfinder General / Witchfynde and others**

For current listings click on the genre: punk  new wave  Goth

Vinyl items include Test Pressings - Autographs - Limited editions - Coloured vinyl - Rare pressings

and also Memorabilia

Wanted items-if you are looking for specific records or other (Formats/Genre etc) then contact us.

A list of required items would be useful preferably with an approximate price you would pay.

If anything becomes available you will be contacted.


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