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If an item is 'out of stock' then we cannot predict the price for the next copy should it show up again. Please do not ask for prices 'how much' for 'out of stock' item.

We do not value records so don't send any queries asking 'how much is this worth' They are just deleted.


Read the FAQs below

Synopsis: If priced then item is available to order at the stated price-do NOT contact us to ask for our 'best' price/discounts are available-see discount link on home page/we ship everywhere/we do not value records/See home page to see if we are buying and what/See home page for postage/payment options


We do not take phone orders

Telephone enquiries are UNAVAILABLE at present due to time-wasters - send an email with your telephone # but please read the FAQs below first and if your query is not covered then state your query in the email. If necessary someone will phone you back for a very brief chat.


Read these-we will not reply to any of the questions below.

We do NOT value items.

Q.:Do we take direct card payments ?

A:Not yet. When this type of payment is available you will see card logos etc on the home page.

You may be able to use your card through paypal or your bank.

Overseas payments may be made via a currency site such as transferwise where you can use a card-this a a payment option as shown in the payments section.

Q:Is the item in stock and available to buy?

A:If it is not marked ‘out of stock’ then it should be available unless marked ‘Current best offers’ or

This item is no longer available,,,..’ (call up item description to check this)

We will no longer answer queries such as 'Is this item in stock?' If it has a price you can order it.If not you can contact us to express an interest in the next available copy however we cannot indicate any price for any re-listing until it is actually available to sell so please do not ask 'how much' thanks!

We will contact you should another similar copy come into stock.

Q:How much is postage to....?  or  Q: Do you ship to....?

A:See postage link on home page (if not on the home page then click our logo at the top of the page) this will show that we post to ALL major countries (there may be certain African or Pacific ocean countries that we may not be able to post to)

or email us and state destination and items you may wish to purchase

Q:Will you take an offer for already priced items?

We will not reply to the above query

but if you wish to do this (by email only by) then state the item and then your offer and contact details.

If we are interested we will get back to you

Q:Do you combine shipping?

A:See postage link or email with your required items so that a postage rate can be calculated for multiple items. State destination.

Q:Do you trade or buy items?

A:Possibly - by all means send a pasted into email list with your required price. Condition and any pertinent details should be noted.

No attachments.

We will not look at any unpriced lists or those not pasted into your email

Q:How much is....worth? or similar query re the value of your item(s)

A:A meaningless question without full knowledge of the item and anyway WE WILL NOT VALUE your items.

We are not a valuation service.

Q:When will my item arrive?

A:You will be notified when your item has been posted and advised of your tracking # if you have paid for such a service. Except for 'Special delivery' (UK only) or 'Courier' no delivery date is available by other posting services but you can follow progress of any tracked item via the link we give you. Untracked items you will just have to wait. In the UK 1st class is usually next delivery day, occasionally it may be the day after. 2nd class can be 2-4 days. Overseas varies from country to country and we cannot give you much idea of how long it will take.

Please address any correspondence (but NOT returns) via post to

188 Huddersfield Road

Please note that postal correspondence will be slower than contact via phone or email.

Authorised Returns

item(s) you may wish to return require an authorised return number-you must contact us with any problems-do not return goods until authorised

Please do not return packages and do not send payment to the above address, a returns address will be provided for this.


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